We provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy access for all.

What We Do

Our power platform is pioneering an integrated utility model that accelerates access to reliable power for all by leveraging cost efficient and disruptive technologies.

Why We Do It

We build on technology driven, customer-centric, vertically integrated power distribution businesses focused on developing markets that can bundle both on- and off-grid solutions, bolt on investments in generation and transmission and operate under Public-Private-Partnerships with local governments.

We are restoring the financial health of electricity distribution companies in Africa.

Power is the foundation for progress. Access to reliable and affordable Power can catalyze and unlock socio-economic development allowing for growth of small and medium size enterprises, agriculture, manufacturing and job creation. We work with local communities, governments and NGOs to provide power to industry, health and education centers, households and businesses and ensure we can be a partner for them to meet their development ambitions.

Our Integrated Power Solutions

Our platform offers household and commercial customers a range of energy services tailored to their needs; focused on high quality of service, reliability and affordability; use digital and mobile technology and data to unlock other services that deliver value to the customer.

We serve on/off-grid customers. Through integration, achieve operational synergies in systems, staff, customer support, we make better CapEx investments by using data and technology to map the most effective mix of energy solution in each location, avoiding stranded assets and increased costs. Integration enables participation in large scale generation projects, to build track record with governments, recycle capital profitably and guarantee supply to the customers. It also allows an active role in transmission in certain regions that allow private sector investment.

We are able to negotiate agreements, joint ventures, and concessions with governments to provide a commitment to invest in local power grids. Our strong management teams allow us to improve the operations, reduce technical losses and increase profitability. We are a valued partner to government through delivering socio-economic development for its customers and the country.

As our asset base grows from early stage developments to stabilized operating assets, we are able to attract low cost, long term capital across the entire integrated value chain. This enables our customers to more readily access cheaper forms of cleaner power not previously available to them.

Our Team

Since 2003, Industry Capital and its affiliates have grown our team to over 350 employees globally.

We commit the time, energy, resources and attention necessary to ensure our values are internalized and executed throughout the company. This commitment results in passionate employees who work together in high performing teams to create value for our investors and stakeholders.

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