Of the top 20 largest cities by population in the world this century, 14 will be in Africa. These communities already have immense power and energy infrastructure needs. We are starting to build that infrastructure today.

What We Do

Our infrastructure platforms are building solutions that reinforce the economy's of the emerging markets, thereby enabling energy access and security for their communities.

Why We Do It

We invest in infrastructure platforms that provide diversified exposure to high-impact businesses that create value for all of its stakeholders.

Our commitment to lower carbon solutions for
today’s challenges.

Our platforms are committed to hands-on value creation and practices that have a positive impact on all communities.

Our Infrastructure Platforms

Our platforms have decades of experience in the implementation of successful projects
for the global oil and gas industry. Our teams are committed to the development and
deployment of recognized and cutting-edge solutions that can meet even the toughest
production challenges.

We bring cost effective solar power to new markets and customers through our innovative approach to development and optimized solutions tailored to solving the energy challenges of municipal, co-op, community and small-to-medium corporate customers.

Our Team

Since 2003, Industry Capital and its affiliates have grown our team to over 350 employees globally.

We commit the time, energy, resources and attention necessary to ensure our values are internalized and executed throughout the company. This commitment results in passionate employees who work together in high performing teams to create value for our investors and stakeholders.

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Our Platforms