“ESG and Impact has long been part of our investment discipline and values, where our aim is to build purposeful businesses.

Industry Capital helps companies achieve meaningful impact and incorporate ESG principles and thinking into their business practices, leaving a legacy of transformational capital.”

Norman Villarina, Managing Partner

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors are the foundation of our global operations.

  • Taking a responsible approach to investing and acting in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Recognizing the potential impact of businesses on the environment, employees, communities and society.
  • Being objective, fair and transparent as well as being a good corporate citizen by demonstrating integrity and accountability in each business and the wider community.
  • Treating all employees and stakeholders with dignity, equality and well-being.
  • Promoting diversity and equal opportunities across the firm.
  • Complying at a minimum with local applicable labour laws and health & safety standards in jurisdictions where we operate.
  • Active oversight of compliance and governance rules and regulations.

Industry Capital achieves positive impact alongside strong financial returns.

Throughout our prospective investments, we develop a robust ESG plan. We start by employing specialist partners alongside our operational teams to carry out an in-depth qualitative view of the positive impact potential of a company’s activities. Next, we form an Impact ‘thesis’ as part of the value creation plan. We leverage a reporting framework to record impact KPIs and targets allowing us to measure and track the portfolio company’s impact performance. Each of our portfolio company's has a sophisticated impact evaluation to verify the impact thesis holds true for the portfolio company. Finally, ongoing measurement is conducted throughout the life of the investment and reported to our stakeholders and limited partners.

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We incorporate ESG factors throughout the investment cycle; from pre-investment due diligence, to our role as responsible owners, to ensuring maximized value-creation at exit.


During the pre-investment process, we evaluate the data relevant to the ESG performance of target investments. This approach allows us to identify ESG risks for potential investments as well as possible opportunities for value creation.


Once an investment agreement is reached, material ESG objectives are established and continuously monitored and measured.


Progress on ESG goals are regularly reported and communicated to our Limited Partners.

A robust ESG framework.

To inform our responsible investment activities, we use established frameworks and benchmarks to ensure our activities are aligned with best-practice. Wherever possible, we use established industry-specific frameworks such as the CDC Toolkit and Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark to guide us in determining the degree to which particular ESG considerations are material, relevant, or applicable.Within the broader mandate of maximizing value through the expression of our values, Industry Capital’s ESG framework covers the following objectives:


Undertake environmental impact assessments; reduce adverse impacts and mitigate environmental risks; improve eco-efficiencies; make efficient use of natural resources; and support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Comply with all local environmental regulations, adhere to relevant IFC guidelines and performance standards, and follow applicable ISO 14000 standards.


Equitable treatment of all employees and contractors; effective management of labor; undertake health and safety assessments and minimize the risks identified; guard the health and safety of those directly and indirectly affected by our operations; have a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.

Comply with all local regulations, International Labor Organization’s Fundamental Conventions, and UN Declaration of Human rights. Use ISO 26000 to guide efforts and improve results concerning corporate social responsibility.


Have the highest standards of integrity and transparency, ensure effective governance structures are in place, zero-tolerance corruption policy applicable to all partners, principals, employees, consultants, and third party partners for all operations and markets, effective policies in place to prevent conflict of interests.

Comply with all local regulations, follow guidance from OECD Anti-Bribery Convention to ensure proper internal controls and compliance, and use UN Anti-Corruption Toolkit to ensure best practices.

Governance, Regulation and Investor Reporting

Industry Capital maintains sound governance practices across the organisation and portfolio companies, and ensures this is fostered through to all levels. We continually review new practices and regulatory frameworks, guidelines and legislation, coupled with regular investor reporting providing full transparency and confidence in our operations.

We have adopted the global Anti-Bribery & Corruption policy [as referred to by the UK government] and have a zero-tolerance approach in implementation across the group.

Our group companies are regulated by SEC, FCA and other regulatory jurisdictions as relevant, and we implement an active oversight of compliance and governance with applicable laws, rules and regulations including AML, KYC and adherence to international sanctions.

Diversity & Inclusion

Industry Capital is a global firm which has grown through ideas and leadership being driven by people who come with various backgrounds and experiences.

From recruitment across our offices to embedding processes and procedures at our portfolio companies, our people ensure diversity and inclusion is woven into the fabric of who we are and what we do.

We remain committed to fostering and developing diversity and inclusion across all of our markets in which we operate, and promoting this throughout the wider ecosystems.

Principles for Responsible Investment

Industry Capital is a signatory to The United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (PRI), The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and The Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN) and adhere to Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC) Guidelines.

In the development of our business principles and our ESG management system, we base our guidelines on the IFC’s Performance Standards and World Bank Group’s Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines.