Company - Culture


At IC we deliver our investment partners:

  • Outstanding risk-adjusted returns
  • Superior alignment with our capital partners
  • Best in class reporting, systems
  • Differentiated investment strategies


We commit the time, energy, resources and attention necessary to ensure our values are internalized and executed throughout the company. This commitment results in passionate employees who work together in high performing teams to create value for our investors and stakeholders.

Servant Leadership

  • Leadership is about serving, not being served
  • Work as a team to serve our investors, our employees and our portfolio customers
  • Work on behalf of the people who work for us, continuously coaching, teaching, reviewing performance and passing on knowledge

Hustle, Humility & Hunger

  • Success is premised on our ability to work harder and smarter and do the little things that others will not
  • Minimize reliance on misaligned third parties and utilize our employees whenever possible
  • Stay “scrappy” no matter how big we grow

Employee Fulfillment

  • Value employees who are personally and professionally fulfilled
  • Celebrate our employees for small and large accomplishments at work and in life
  • Integrate work and life, such that work is an essential part of what makes a whole, fulfilled, and balanced life
  • Focus on fulfillment, yielding productive long-serving employees

Accountability & Discipline

  • Results driven culture
  • Persistent
  • Say what we are going to do and do it
  • Communicate honestly


  • Where possible, we seek to serve and sustain the communities where we do business and our planet

Leadership Training

At IC, leadership is fostered, encouraged and developed. We maintain robust leadership training programs for our executives and our front line employees. Our leadership models develop talented and motivated individuals, create high performing teams, provide constructive feedback, build trust, and promote teamwork.

Our investment in leadership training pays returns every day in increased productivity, commitment, and ultimately superior performance over time.


Through creative and custom utilization of innovative enterprise technologies, IC creates efficiencies in operations and communications that provide competitive advantages.


At IC we consider environmental, social and governance issues critical to both responsible and intelligent long term investing. In addition to company wide service efforts, employees are given paid leave to serve in their local non-profit organizations. We are signatories of the UNPRI and adhere to Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC) Guidelines.